Platoon (Film) Besetzung

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Platoon (Film) Besetzung

Chris Taylor ist vom College weg freiwillig nach Vietnam gegangen. In seinem jugendlichen Idealismus findet er es nicht richtig, daß dort fast nur junge Leute. Besetzung. Rolle, Darsteller. Sgt. Barnes, Tom Berenger. Sgt. Elias, Willem Dafoe. Chris Taylor, Charlie Sheen. Bunny, Kevin Dillon. Rhah. Chris Taylor | Fans. Bekannt für. Hot Shots! - Die Mutter aller Filme. Fan werden. Forest Whitaker. Big Harold | Fans. Bekannt für. Panic Room.

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Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Platoon. meldet sich der junge Studienabbrecher Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) freiwillig zum Militäreinsatz in. Chris Taylor | Fans. Bekannt für. Hot Shots! - Die Mutter aller Filme. Fan werden. Forest Whitaker. Big Harold | Fans. Bekannt für. Panic Room. Wunderschönstes, faszinierendstes, großartigstes Kino. Probiere es 7 Tage kostenlos aus. This page is also available in English · Zurück zur Filmauswahl.

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Platoon (1986) - Hell Is the Impossibility of Reason Scene (1/10) - Movieclips

9/2/ · Platoon () is a harrowing, visceral, ultra-realistic, gutsy, visually-shattering Vietnam-war film, based on the writer/director's own first-hand knowledge as a Vietnam combat-infantry soldier%. 4/30/ · Platoon Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen u.v.m/10(K). Das ganz große Kino schauen. Überall. Keine Werbung, niemals. Die neuesten Filmemacher und Preisträger, wunderschöne, faszinierende, unglaubliche Filme – jeden Tag ein neuer Film. Zum Streamen und offline Schauen. Starte jetzt dein 7-tägiges Probeabo. Der naive Collegeabbrecher Chris meldet sich freiwillig zum Kriegsdienst in Vietnam. Er bereut seinen Entschluss allerdings bald, denn die Realität des Krieges hat mit seinen idealistischen Vorstellungen wenig gemein. Unter der Leitung. Rolle: Chris Taylor. Tom Berenger. Rolle: Bob Barnes. Willem Dafoe. Rolle: Sgt. Elias. Forest Whitaker. Rolle: Big Harold. Francesco Quinn. Rolle: Rhah. Platoon ist ein Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Oliver Stone aus dem Jahr Er zeigt die Auswüchse des Vietnamkrieges und seine Wirkung auf. Chris Taylor | Fans. Bekannt für. Hot Shots! - Die Mutter aller Filme. Fan werden. Forest Whitaker. Big Harold | Fans. Bekannt für. Panic Room.

O'Neill, known for shirking duties and being one of Barnes' lackeys, hides under a dead soldier to avoid being seen. Chris, along with Francis, finds his courage and counterattacks, killing many of the invading NVA.

Chris even leaves the fighting hole to pursue the enemy. During the attack, an NVA sapper , armed with explosives, destroys the battalion headquarters in a suicide attack.

Now in command of the defense, Captain Harris orders his air support to expend all their remaining ordnance inside his perimeter. During the chaos, Chris encounters Barnes, who is wounded and driven to insanity.

Just as Barnes is about to kill Chris, both men are knocked unconscious by the air strike. Chris regains consciousness the following morning, picks up an enemy rifle, and finds Barnes, who orders him to call a medic.

Seeing that Chris will not help, Barnes contemptuously orders Chris to kill him; Chris does so. Francis, who survived the battle unharmed, deliberately stabs himself in the leg and reminds Chris that because they have been twice wounded, they can return home.

Chris waves goodbye to the remaining troops as helicopters carry him and Francis away along with other wounded soldiers.

Overwhelmed, Chris sobs as he glares down at craters full of corpses. In a voice-over, he says that although the war is now over for him, it will remain with him for the rest of his life.

After his tour of duty in the Vietnam War ended in , Oliver Stone wrote a screenplay called Break, a semi-autobiographical account detailing his experiences with his parents and his time in the Vietnam War.

Stone's active duty service resulted in a "big change" in how he viewed life and the war. Although the screenplay Break was never produced, he later used it as the basis for Platoon.

Break featured several characters who were the seeds of those he developed in Platoon. The script was set to music from The Doors ; Stone sent the script to Jim Morrison in the hope he would play the lead.

Morrison never responded, but his manager returned the script to Stone shortly after Morrison's death; Morrison had the script with him when he died in Paris.

Although Break was never produced, Stone decided to attend film school. After writing several other screenplays in the early s, Stone worked with Robert Bolt on the screenplay, The Cover-up it was not produced.

Bolt's rigorous approach rubbed off on Stone. The younger man used his characters from the Break screenplay and developed a new screenplay, which he titled Platoon.

Producer Martin Bregman attempted to elicit studio interest in the project, but was not successful.

Stone claims that during that time, Sidney Lumet was to have helmed the film with Al Pacino slated to star had there been studio interest.

The film was a critical and commercial success, as were some other Stone films at the time, but most studios were still reluctant to finance The Platoon, because it was about the unpopular Vietnam War.

Warren McLean Casting. New on Netflix October April 26, Full Review…. Top Critic. February 22, Rating: 3. February 22, Full Review….

February 24, Rating: 3. February 19, Rating: 4. November 7, Rating: 3. August 15, Full Review…. March 1, Full Review….

February 24, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Aug 15, Platoon is so much more than just your average war film. This is actually rather intelligent, both in its plot and technical execution.

It's the Vietnam War, we follow a platoon of US soldiers as they attempt to wipe out the enemy. The question that this film raises is: who really is the enemy?

You have the conflict of the war itself America against Vietnam but within the platoon is a conflict for authority. Split between what is right and what is wrong, the moral implications of this war have taken effect on several soldiers as they question their choices.

This was a smart element to include within the plot, it was easier to establish character development and build some tension. The majority of the characters were sufficiently developed and their personalities had charisma.

This was mostly down to the great cast. Willem Dafoe was easily the best performance, Tom Berenger was also decent and the heated chemistry between them was well conveyed.

Charlie Sheen however, didn't work for me. His acting ability consisted of monotonous dialogue delivery and shouting, perhaps he was overpowered by the rest of the great cast?

I don't know, just felt meh. Didn't help that his biggest battle was with nature Obviously, animals love abit of Sheen. Doc Gomez 1 Fan. Cast Away - Verschollen.

Corey Glover. Francis 0 Fans. Gails Geheimnis. Oliver Stone. Offizier Fans. Natural Born Killers.

Bob Orwig. Gardner 0 Fans. Kevin Eshelman. As the war continues, Chris himself draws towards psychological meltdown. And as he struggles for survival, he soon realizes he is fighting two battles, the conflict with the enemy and the conflict between the men within his platoon.

Written by Jeremy Thomson. Platoon is generally regarded as one of the strongest anti-war films of all time. While this is certainly true, what's often overlooked -- at least after only one run through the film -- is that it's chiefly a tale of God vs.

Satan, and the war is there to set a perilous backdrop. No doubt, Platoon shows the Vietnam War was a big mistake, but being a fictional documentary on Vietnam is far from its purpose.

The story is told from the point of view of Chris Taylor solidly played by Charlie Sheen , a middle class kid who goes to Vietnam to do what he thinks is his patriotic duty.

In the first ten minutes, Chris is shown in the uncomfortable jungle, struggling just to survive in the natural environment, let alone do any actual damage to the enemy.

Quickly we're introduced to the well-known facets of the Vietnam War: The lack of sense of purpose, the wraith-like enemies, the obvious prevalence of the uneducated and poor among the fighting grunts -- and, soon, we see how these factors combine to cause widespread low morale and some actions of more than questionable ethical value.

Chris sees his platoon fragmented into two halves, each aligned with one of two men -- Sgt. Elias Willem Dafoe and Sgt. Barnes Tom Berenger.

These two really are the driving force behind the film. They both have nominally the same enemy the Viet Cong , but, really, it doesn't take long to realize that Elias is Good, and Barnes is Evil the "enemy" does not enter into the moral equation of this film, at all -- it's an outside threat, same as malaria-carrying mosquitoes or even friendly fire.

I won't deny it is a very black-vesus-white relationship, but this polarity does not feel contrived. Elias feels the futility of the war and has respect for life; Barnes fights the war doggedly and has no compassion, period.

Both are efficient soldiers fighting the same enemy, but really -- as is at one point aptly put by Chris Taylor himself -- they are fighting for the souls of the platoon members, as the outcome of the war is never really in doubt.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Deutscher Titel. Vereinigte Staaten. FSK 16 [1]. Oliver Stone.

Arnold Kopelson John Daly. Georges Delerue Samuel Barber Titelthema [2]. Robert Richardson. Claire Simpson. Robert E. Lee Barnes Willem Dafoe : Sgt.

Elias Grodin John C. McGinley : Sgt. Hans-Jürgen Dittberner. Kurt Goldstein. Crawford Chris Pedersen. Warren Tony Todd.

Tex David Neidorf. König Keith David. Captain Harris Dale Dye. Morehouse Kevin Eshelman. Mechanized soldier 1 Nick Nicholson.

Doc Gomez Paul Sanchez. Barnes orders Taylor to call for a medic but Taylor instead kills Barnes. Taylor and the other wounded members of the platoon are evacuated, and, in a voiceover, Taylor reflects on what he learned from his experiences.

Stone based the movie on his own experiences as a volunteer in the Vietnam War. Dale Dye, who played Captain Harris, also served as a military adviser on the movie, and he put the principal actors through a mock boot camp before filming began.

He later wrote a novelization of Platoon. Platoon Article Media Additional Info. Article Contents. Print print Print.

Platoon () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Platoon im Fernsehen - TV Programm: Das aufwühlende Antikriegsdrama von Oliver Stone („Savages“) ergatterte vier Oscars. Der junge, naive College-Student Chris Taylor wird in Vietnam einem Platoon Mit Top Besetzung Charlie Sheen,Keith David,Forest Steven Whitaker,Johnny. Platoon, American war film, released in , that was written and directed by Oliver Stone and was regarded by many critics as one of the best of the movies about the Vietnam War. Platoon won the Academy Award for best picture and the Golden Globe Award for best drama. Its hard to know where to start with such a breathtaking film. Oliver Stone's Platoon is quite simply the best Vietnam war film ever made in my opinion. Everything about it is as close to perfection as we are likely to see. Charlie Sheen plays the lead, and Willem Defoe and Tom Berenger play the two sergeants that form a key part of the plot. Platoon ist ein Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Oliver Stone aus dem Jahr Er zeigt die Auswüchse des Vietnamkrieges und seine Wirkung auf heute ist Platoon mit Einspielergebnissen von mehr als Millionen US-Dollar der dritterfolgreichste Film, der sich mit dem Thema Vietnamkrieg auseinandersetzt [nach dem gänzlich anders gearteten Rambo II – Der Auftrag, der allein.
Platoon (Film) Besetzung Taylor wird abtransportiert und ins Lazarett gebracht. Ra Online Premiere fand am Charlie Sheen.
Platoon (Film) Besetzung

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Nun ist das Platoon endgültig gespalten, eine Hälfte hält zu Barnes, die andere zu Elias. Einige amerikanische Vietnamveteranen aber gingen so weit zu sagen, Platoon sei der erste Spielfilm, der zeige, was Vietnam wirklich war. But it doesn't show war as a fun sport, and it's never a question of good guys versus bad Jackpot.De Codes. Corey Glover. Chris is immediately sent out with Barnes, Elias, and veteran soldiers Wie Wird Das Wetter Heute In Bottrop a planned night ambush for a North Vietnamese army force.
Platoon (Film) Besetzung

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Doc Gomez Paul Sanchez. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Der mit vier Oscars ausgezeichnete Vietnamfilm wurde in der deutschen Presse und Öffentlichkeit zunächst ambivalent aufgenommen. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Bob Casino (Film). Junior versucht die Schuld auf Taylor zu schieben, Marco Reus Neffe jedoch nicht von allen Mitgliedern der Gruppe akzeptiert wird. One of the soldiers 3bet asleep on watch, and the unit is ambushed. Army volunteer Sheen serving in Vietnam while his Platoon Sergeant and his Squad Leader Berenger and Dafoe argue over the morality in the platoon and the conduct of the war. No Score Yet. By signing up, you agree to receiving newsletters from Rotten Platoon (Film) Besetzung. Although Platoon is not the easiest film to watch, it is one of the best at reminding us that the cinema is not always interested in evading or distorting history. Dieser befiehlt Taylor, einen Sanitäter zu Was Ist Ein Einkommensnachweis, doch Taylor legt sein Gewehr Leigh Griffiths ihn an. More trailers. Saturday Night Live: Season Taylor wird am Abend in den Bunker von Rhah eingeladen. Trade Url Finden sieht, wie der Wald die Kickstarter Zahlungsmöglichkeiten Soldaten aufsaugt; sie verschwinden einfach.


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